In the realm of sublimation printing, finding the perfect ink for your Epson Ecotank and Supertank printers is key to unlocking vibrant colors and lasting prints. Enter Sublimax Sublimation Ink ANTI-UV – your go-to solution for professional-quality sublimation printing.

Why Sublimax Sublimation Ink ANTI-UV? Designed exclusively for Epson Ecotank and Supertank printers converted for sublimation, Sublimax ANTI-UV Sublimation Ink is a game-changer in the world of sublimation printing.

Contents: 4 AUTOFILL Bottles for Seamless Printing The package includes 4x100ml bottles of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black – the essential colors for stunning sublimation prints. Specially crafted for a range of Epson printers including ET-2400, ET-2800, ET-203, ET-2720, ET-2760, ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-3700, ET-3710, ET-3750, ET-3760, ET-4700, ET-4750, ET-4760, ET-5800, ET-5850, ET-5880, ET-7750, ET-7700, ET-15000, Worforce ST-2000, ST-3000, ST-4000, ST-C2100, ST-C4100, and more.

AUTOFILL BOTTLES - Precision and Convenience Say goodbye to syringes, ink spills, and leaks! Sublimax's AutoFill nozzle bottles are designed to perfectly fit Epson EcoTank and Supertank printers. Simply insert the bottles into the ink tank, and watch them autofill automatically, ensuring a mess-free and efficient printing experience.

ANTI-UV Protection for Long-Lasting Prints Our sublimation inks boast the latest technology, including ANTI-UV protection. Experience vibrant colors, prints that last, and extra fading protection with every use. Ideal for sublimation mugs, polyester T-shirts, pillowcases, coaster blanks, tumblers, and more – Sublimax delivers professional-quality results.

Specially Crafted for Epson EcoTank and Supertank Series Printers Sublimax Sublimation Inks are meticulously formulated for Epson EcoTank and Supertank series printers. Whether you own ET2400, ET2720, ET2760, ET2800, ET2803, ET2830, ET4800, ET3760, ET2850, ET7720, or ET15000, Sublimax is your best companion for achieving exceptional sublimation prints.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Sublimation Game with Sublimax Sublimation Ink ANTI-UV When it comes to sublimation printing on Epson Ecotank and Supertank printers, Sublimax Sublimation Ink ANTI-UV stands out as the ultimate choice. Elevate your sublimation game today and experience the perfect blend of precision, convenience, and UV protection with Sublimax. Your prints deserve nothing less.